December 15, 2006

International Bank Transfers

Need to transfer money to or from a bank account in the Netherlands? Find out your BIC and IBAN number for your Dutch account easily here.

November 26, 2006

Dead Watch Battery

After traveling all over Amsterdam and visiting many jewelry shops, I finally found one that had my watch battery and change it while I waited! In a mere15 minutes I had what looked like a brand new watch. Apparently, most shops do not have a large selection of batteries or won't waste the time to change them, so it is difficult to find one that will, especially while you wait. The Battery Shop is conveniently located outside Central Station.

Location: Stationsplein 15, Amsterdam

November 19, 2006

The Best Ribs Around

Even though this place is a hole in the wall, it hands down has the best ribs in town. The portions are huge and the prices are very reasonable. Expect a wait, every time, because it is finger lickin' good.

Location: Kerkstraat 41, Amsterdam

November 18, 2006

Online Take Away

delivery.jpg Tired after a long day at work and want food delivered to your home? Or just don't want to go out in the rain? Try Urban Bites for delivery in your zip code.

Inexpensive Flying

lowcostairlinesnl.jpg Check out Low Cost Airlines for inexpensive flights from Amsterdam and other cities near A'dam. If nothing else, good for comparison and understanding which airlines fly fromwhich cities...

Go to Museum's Year Round

museum.gif Getting a Museumkaart allows you into over 400 museums throughout the Netherlands for the low price of €29.95. It is an incredible deal that last a full year. Purchase at any participating museum.

Call Home for Cheap

header_nieuw.gifCall home for cheap without having a long distance carrier. Using Telediscount you can dial a code from your land line before calling the number. It tells you how much it costs, which varies depending on the time of day. Pay as little as 1 Euro cent to call the USA!

November 3, 2006

Cheap bus to/from Central Station

opstapper.jpgYou can catch the Opstopper for a trip from Central Station down the Prinsengracht, or vice versa. There are no bus stops so just stand on the approriate side of the canal to the direction you are going and stick your hand out and it will stop. You can pay cash or with your strippenkaart.

Most Friendly Un-Dutch Dutch Bar

header.jpg Tim and Bas run Zool and they are so friendly it is almost like being home. It is the best place to hang out, relax and have a drink, and they have clever little sayings on the board outside that always cause a good chuckle. Plus they even let you - gasp! - run a tab and they have free wireless. If you stop by, tell the guys the red headed Texan says hello.

Location: Oude Leliestraat 9, Amsterdam

Yummy Comfort Foods

Having a hankering for tastes from home? In a pinch for some Cheerios or a cake mix? Eichholtz is a deli in central Amsterdam that has most things you need, but don't be surprised by the hefty price tag for the convenience. Carries a diverse supply of both British and American goods.

Location: Leidsestraat 48, Amsterdam

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